Tyler Lee Holter ~ EP

by Tyler Lee Holter

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released July 3, 2014



all rights reserved


Tyler Lee Holter Denver, Colorado

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Track Name: Plus One
lonesome & okay yeah for one more working day
but sometimes you've got to settle in your space
so when your nest is made & dog eared every page
darlin' when you've finished planning out your week

hey honey come on over my way
I will sing you "Can I Sleep In your Arms"
I know its been a long busy day
out alone, busy, busy day
hey honey come and kiss me before
I've got to sink into the saddle again
hey Honey, oh Honey, come my way

s'posed to organize my desk & then call some folks I miss
yeah its gonna be a full booked mornin' for me
got invited to this thing, an evening at some gallery
baby be my plus one keep me company

don't wanna be lonesome & okay (X4)
Track Name: By & By
traveler plays the tumbleweed
tangled to my prayers
on highway's stitched you'll find me there
I'm in the in-betweens
with some old words I wrote
in the pocket of my coat
for to complete

busted boots & notebooks lord I was
roughin' it like Twain
hung my heartsick prose in the pines
still it choked me up on the range
for every song the woodland sings
hits you once and its for me
this time

for a moment in the morning
for a fleeting glance at all
thats warmth & ernest feeling
for my stayin's & my leavin's by & by
someday, my voice I'll learn to carry
you where my body's bound

woodland's wardrobe outlined mine
we were white & evergreen
adorned in smoke & drifters
movin' through lit window scenes
of following through and carrying out
well we never learned just how
to write the in-betweens with end in mind
yes we'll write the in-betweens with end in mind
Track Name: Tornado Alley
how long tell me just how long
has a wandering son been gone
'cause out here I can't be clear about
which month just moved on
well I just rolled in to the city
now I'm checkin' ticket fares
I need a thunderstorm to drive me indoors
& a woman to keep me there

'cause I miss my home down in tornado alley
what I'd give for the branched brushing the window lullaby
life my be a little backward when you get tossed around
but I still miss my home wherever it is now

how long tell me just how long
till I find a love thats true
I gotta tell these girls that I can't afford their
drive me to drinkin' blues
but excuse me miss would you pour me one
for the road & close my tab
by the end of the jukebox friends
I might be movin' back

how long tell me just how long
has a wandering son been gone
out here I can't be clear about
which year just moved on
I guess time reversed
'cause Colorado's all California plates
& everything that I thought I knew
seems to be erased